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Give back


It is often when you are at your lowest, you realise the value of giving back and when you are safe, warm and comfortable, you forget the need for it. So, it is of the upmost importance to continue to uphold the value of giving back.

By volunteering at soup kitchens, donating all of the profits from a piece of work to a charity, being a listening ear to those who are in need, you are doing good. There are so many ways to give back, to the world, your community or a cause that has never even impacted your life.

Those who give back not only get the satisfaction of knowing they’re doing good, but can gain a great deal more. Be it intellect, emotional intelligence, a greater appreciation for the world, there are plenty of ways that giving back also benefits you.



In fact, from a business perspective, giving back is a way of building a good relationship with those who choose to support you and your team. With recent studies showing that “millennials are 70% more likely to spend more on brands that support causes,” (Lookers) there is no downside to supporting others.

This growing trend, of supporting businesses that support others, comes from a growing awareness amongst younger generations that big corporations rarely benefit those in their area. So, they choose to do something about it, by doing good via another’s positive actions.



As referenced earlier on, it is rarely when you’re comfortable in life that you grasp the value of charity. So, making a conscious decision to give back wherever possible, can offer a new perspective, be it in work or life as a whole.

It helps in practicing gratitude and self-care, ensuring that you understand the privileged position that you are in, but also look after yourself to ensure that it remains that way.



Holly Tucker, MBE, puts it best; “I’ve always believed it’s not governments that will change the world, it’s businesses.”

With the potential that businesses and their leaders have, they can change everything. Whilst governments remain gripped by legalese and politics, businesses have free reign to help whomever they wish.

In uniting with businesses that support your vision to do better, educating those who do not yet understand the value of it and continuing to give back yourself, you can start the ripple, and watch as great things happen.

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