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Uplifting female-led businesses isn't just a high five for those who identify as a woman. It's offering opportunities that many would often not get. A crack in the glass ceiling that is still (somehow) in place.



Being a female-owned business is about turning up, against the tide, and proving that women have every right to have a seat at the table.

It shouldn't really have to be done anymore should it. People needn't prove themself to anyone. But unfortunately, they do.

That's why at GOOD Market, we make sure to champion those who may be held back by society.



The BBC recorded that “in the creative sector, women are woefully underrepresented - making up just 36% of the total work force across the board.” (2021) This distastefully low number isn’t due to the lack of hard work, talent and graft, but is more likely due to women not having had the same opportunities that their male counter parts have.

They are creative, ambitious and deserving, but often there are barriers in place that limit their ability to succeed. And the invisibility of such barriers often makes it difficult to know where to start in demolishing them, just one of the reasons we go above and beyond to support women. Because if you can’t knock the wall down, you can at least try using a ladder to get over it.



Perhaps such barriers are an unconscious shadow of the old school art world, when women's work was not perceived as equal to that of men's. Because their being wasn’t seen as equal. But in a world where we claim to champion equality, the statistics certainly don’t reflect such claims.

With 78% of galleries in London representing more men than women, it’s clear that our changing perception still has a long way to go to make the impact it needs to. We need to strive for equality and advancement and align our surroundings to our world outlook.


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