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Sustainable, cruelty free and vegan businesses are typically one in the same, or at least have the same goal in mind, to minimise theirs and others negative impacts on the world.

Be it at human, animal or environmental cost, many mainstream brands have yet to see how their actions are negatively impacting that which is around them. Luckily for us, a great deal of independents have, and have chosen to do something about it.

Be it offering options to those who follow a different lifestyle to them, or entirely revamping their brand.



With recent studies suggesting that around a third of the planet's population follows a reduced meat diet, now, more than ever, we need vegan options and businesses.

Not only does offering vegan options widen a business’s target audience, but it offers people the chance to reduce their impact on the world. It can also educate those who know little about the negative impact of animal agriculture and see them opt for a better option. Because every little helps in these situations, so choosing one vegan option during the week instead of a meat or dairy option, really can make a big difference.

Be it for the animals, the environment, people, or your own health, people are vegan for all kinds of reasons. But that shouldn't exclude them from enjoying some of life's luxuries.



Many perceive being cruelty free as pursuing a trend, and for some major companies, it just may be. With greenwashing suggesting that cruelty free is the “norm” for so many brands, it makes sense that so many don’t grasp the reality of the horrible practices that can go into creating our much loved make up and skincare.

But for us, we understand the vital importance of such an act.

In making a conscious effort to be cruelty free, companies don’t lose out. In fact, over 7,000 safe ingredients are already available to them, and by choosing them, they are able to actively avoid contributing to the unnecessary harm of animals.

So, by utilising pre-existing safe ingredients, natural elements and avoiding cruel options, companies are making a vital move towards ending animal cruelty. And who wouldn’t want to support that?



Sustainability isn't just about protecting the Earth, it's about reducing income inequality, allowing for fair workers’ rights, minimising pollution. Because unsustainable actions and businesses benefit only those who are at the top.

By choosing to live sustainably, you are choosing to push for a brighter future, without inequality and the dismissal of the negative impacts that many have on the world, people and communities. And with the mass change in perspective amongst consumers towards the positive impact of choosing sustainable products, for businesses, it’s not just about protecting the world, but futureproofing their endeavours.

Thiri Zaw Yazawa explains the importance of sustainability better than we ever could: "When a product is ethically sourced, it means that in the process of manufacturing, the item is obtained with responsibility, in ethical and sustainable ways. This means that products are ensured to have little or no significant negative impact on the society, human and the environment." (Ethical Choice, 2021)


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