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A Brief History

The Good Market has been operating since May 2021. Between May - Dec 21 we hosted 25 markets across 6 culturally iconic

locations around Liverpool, creating full days out that feature quality, local, independent brands accompanied by food, drink and music.

2022 saw us level up to 41 markets partnering with some giant names in Liverpool such as Culture liverpool, The Bluecoat, Lush,

The Good Business Festival to name just a few. Through these partnerships we were able to support 277 small businesses as well as

move into a new locations such as Knowsley and Sale.

Good Market was born out of necessity, after Covid Lockdown restrictions were lifted we saw a huge gap in the market as well as a

huge increase in small businesses that need a place to sell and customers were looking for a new way of shopping.

We wanted to create something different and bring a new dimension to Liverpool, with backgrounds in retail, merchandising, branding

and place making, we knew we could offer new experiences and give people the chance to see their money making an impact locally.

It is our mission to reinvent retail by partnering with progressive, purpose-driven businesses whose values match our ambitions. We

aim to deliver high impact events with low eco-impact, by working with local people, and working towards sustainable practices.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

What's Next

GOOD Market’s future is bright, with our directory of retailers, locations and venues ever growing, we’re excited for what lays ahead. And that’s all down to the support we’ve had, because no matter how hard we work, if we didn’t receive the community response that we do at each and every event, there would be no point.

As we grow, we hope to continue leaving this trail of positivity, with big plans ahead.

Someone getting a henna tattoo at the Met Monthly market

Follow Us

Come along on our journey. Support local, independent traders in achieving their goals, find beautiful pieces that no high street will ever be able to offer, and see what we have to offer. Because the future is GOOD, but it’ll be better if you’re there with us.

Find us @goodmarket_nw


With our purpose-driven initiatives, we focus on uplifting local businesses, retailers from non-white backgrounds, those who give back to charity and more.

Because we cannot claim to be doing ‘good’ if we don’t inspire others to follow suit.

Does that sound like something you want to be a part of? If so, sign up here

We are always looking for new indies to join us at our specialist, curated markets and are always releasing new opportunities!

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