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Liverpool Health & Wellbeing

Liverpool Health & Wellbeing

Join us on Tuesday 12 January at 10am for an amazing Super 6 in 6 session with the Liverpool Health & Wellbeing team. They will be showing us 6 quick-and-easy family-friendly exercises to get the whole family feeling fresh!

Liverpool Health & Wellbeing was setup in the summer of 2018 with the aim of making Liverpool 'The healthiest it's ever been!'

By 2020, brothers Jack & Ethan had created a HUB for people to discover local businesses & find out more about them, from activities to food and drink to therapy and so much more! Their goal is to help people lead healthier and happier lives by making it easy for them to find the businesses that will help them with that journey.

They host events called 'EUDAEMONIA' which is a day filled with brilliant activities such as yoga/fitness/meditation etc followed with healthy food and drinks. 

In the past year, they have adapted their business to make it digital. They now offer a membership with plenty of content to keep people's mental and physical health a priority. Their directory is filled with health related companies pushing a good lifestyle, while delivering their programs in schools and corporate events.

Coming up soon: The Liverpool Health & Wellbeing team are developing their own app to make their brand even more accessible.

In the meantime, if you are looking to get in touch with this fantastic team, they can be found at:


Join us at 10am on Tuesday 12 January for a Super session from Liverpool Health & Wellbeing. Looking for the full Wellness Week schedule, click here!

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