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Wellness Garden

Wellness Garden

Susie Ferry from Wellness Garden is going to be hosting a 20 minute yoga session on the Good Liverpool platform on Tuesday 12 January at 1:30pm.

Susie Ferry created the Wellness Garden to form a space where she could help people rehabilitate their mind and body. With over 21 years experience working in numerous gyms as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports massager, Reiki therapist, Pilates and yoga teacher.

"During my time here I found my love of yoga, mindfulness and reiki which brought together the whole package of rehabilitation through awareness of body, mind, spirit and breath. I found the importance of helping people become aware of their day to day movement patterns and injury histories is just as important as acknowledging your mental and emotional state, as our state of mind has a huge effect on our bodies physically and chemically."

"Finding myself running a business and balancing my home life with my husband and 2 small children could have been a lot more stressful if I didn’t have reiki, yoga and meditation to help me to switch off and find balance."

The Wellness Garden allows Susie Ferry to bring together her 21 years of knowledge of anatomy, rehabilitation, mindfulness, movement, group teaching and personal training into smaller, more personal classes & private sessions.



Join us at 1:30pm on Tuesday 12 January for a takeover by Susie Ferry! Looking to find the full schedule for the Good Liverpool Wellness Week, just click here!

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