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We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We put our money where our mouth is. Supporting 3 local independents to date with collaborations, creating bespoke products we know you’ll love. It’s one thing to say you support local but another to back local. We know that backing small projects have an impact, and one that we want to be a part of.

When we first launched Good Liverpool, we were all about waving the flag for the unsung heroes, the small businesses that keep the heartbeat of the city ticking, the independent food and drink businesses that have helped make our city one of the leading tourist destinations in the UK. But could we do more?
Well, we thought we could. That’s why we have started to back local businesses and put our money where our mouth is. Creating bespoke products with artisanal crafts producers means that we get local, quality products to your door all with the Good Liverpool seal of approval.
But hang on, could we do even more? Hell yeah! We’re not just about supporting local traders but supporting the city too. Backed with purpose, amazing sector ambassadors and a whole lotta social good, our partners have agreed to be a part of our craft academy. Providing skills, awareness and training for local disadvantaged individuals in areas they may have not considered careers in. With the wider goal to open up doors, create new craft skills, new businesses and an even more thriving local sector - doing good has just gotten a whole lot better.

Starting with our beer production partners at Carnival Brewery, and Neighbourhood coffee, both businesses have pledged their time to help make this happen. With the goal for many more to follow.

So remember next time you buy local you’re doing something good, but maybe we could do something great instead. Our Santa’s Belter IPA is now on sale, along side our own coffee blend, with gift cards and much more coming soon. Follow us for more.
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