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The Iron Bridge in Sefton Park

The Iron Bridge in Sefton Park

In Victorian times Sefton Park's fairy glen and unique iron bridge was a popular meeting point for courting couples.
It was on this bridge that a couple named Oliver and Catherine used to meet, despite being from different backgrounds, and they were deeply in love.
One cold Valentine’s night, Oliver told Catherine the devastating news that he was being forced into an arranged marriage by his family but still begged Catherine to meet him on the bridge in 12 months’ time at 11pm, she agreed.
A year passed and Oliver stood waiting on the Iron Bridge, but there was no sign of his love, he was just about to leave when he saw Catherine at the far end. His heart leapt with joy and he ran to her with outstretched arms, but to his shock she passed right through him and vanished into the darkness.
He later discovered that Catherine had died from Cholera the previous night, her last dying words being, ‘I must meet my love on the Iron Bridge’. It is said now that every Valentine’s night at exactly 11.15pm, both Oliver and Catherine mysteriously appear and cross the bridge hand in hand.

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