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Love at the Liverpool cathedral

Love at the Liverpool cathedral

Emily and Michael were born and raised on the streets of Liverpool. They knew each other from a young age, growing up in the same neighbourhood. Like many boys and girls their friendship blossomed into love as they grew into young adults.⠀⠀

The pair could not be kept apart and were often likened to Bella & Bertie because of the inability to see one without the other.⠀⠀

One summer day, Michael took Emily on a journey through the City. They spent the day visiting the places they held dear to their hearts. Where they first met, where they went to school, where they first kissed.

This journey led them to the Liverpool Cathedral, they walked the spiral staircase to the top of this awe-inspiring building. There they stood in silence, admiring the view. With the City in front of them, Michael dropped to one knee and asked the all important question.⠀

A few weeks later, Michael was called up to defend his country. The couple would write letters every month, finding comfort in each others words. Whenever Emily received a letter, she would walk to the top of the Cathedral to read it. She would say that when she opened the letters there, she could hear the voice of her beloved Michael.

The war kept raging but the letters stopped coming. Emily wrote letter after letter without reply until finally, she received a letter in the post. Michael was gone.⠀⠀

Emily lived on with a hole in heart, never to be repaired. She would go to the top of the Cathedral once a month, every month; she claimed she could feel her Michael’s presence. She would spend hours at the top of the building, come rain or shine, with a smile on her face and contentment in her eyes.⠀⠀⠀

When Emily passed on, having never married, her final words were “I can’t wait to see my Michael.” ⠀⠀

Some say if you climb that spiral staircase, you can see Michael & Emily at the top, admiring the view of this beautiful City.

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