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The Fermentation Station's Gut-Loving Guide

The Fermentation Station's Gut-Loving Guide

Amy & Sam are the faces behind The Fermentation Station. A business founded on a passion for all things fermentable, a desire to turn that passion into a profession and the unique opportunities that 2020 gave us!

Amy & Sam are focused on small-batch, gut-loving seasonal ferments. They produce high-quality ferments with the aim of showcasing the diversity of fermented food and drinks while using traditional and sustainable methods.

Fermented foods, while delicious and healthy, are relatively unknown in the UK and require a bit more care than your standard products in the fridge. Which is why Amy & Sam have taken the time to provide us with the Ultimate Gut-Loving Guide. Simple steps to follow that will keep your fermented food lasting long and tasting fantastic! Take a look below and if it's catching your eye, why don't you try their amazing Seasonal Winter Selection, just click here. 80% of The Fermentation Station's products contain active bacteria so make sure to follow the guide below!


Amy & Sam's Gut-Loving Guide

  •  Do Chill - Our food and drinks should be refrigerated as soon as possible upon purchase otherwise the lovely bacteria will continue to ferment.
  • Don’t Shake - Both our Water Kefir and Kombucha contain alive and active yeast which may make an appearance in your bottle. Both of which are perfectly normal, however, please do not shake our bottles - the drink will potentially overflow when you release the cap.
  • Do Scrape down the sides – When you’ve finished enjoying your fermented foods, use a clean spoon to scrape any stray pieces of food on the side of your jar.
  • Don’t Double Dip - It may be very tempting but please don’t double dip your cutlery in your fermented food jar. This will introduce the bacteria from your mouth into your ferment and may cause the ferment to not keep as well.

80% of our products are fermented and therefore still alive, containing live bacteria. Therefore funk, sweetness and fizziness will vary product to product.

All fermented food and beverages produce a small amount of alcohol. The alcohol content of both our Water Kefir and Kombucha are typically around 0.5%-0.75% (the same as you’d find in a loaf of bread).

All of our fermented products are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free. They are sustainably sourced and packaged in recyclable, and biodegradable packaging.

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  • Really enjoyed reading about Amy and Sam’s Fermentation Station and their Guide. Not a topic I know a lot about but I do know its very good for overall health. I look forward to visiting their Fermentation Station sometime in the future when next in Liverpool.

    Ellen Hennessy

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