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Stanley Square

Manchester’s calling and we’ve answered!

That’s right, GOOD Market are expanding our reach and our community to Manchester. Stanley Square, to be exact.

With our first market being on Friday 16th September, 3pm-8pm.

And why Stanley Square you ask? Well, we’re about to tell you.


As an old school market square, Stanley Square faced the issue that so many do, of being left behind and becoming irrelevant, overshadowed by big shopping centres. But with a cash injection, a lot of community spirit and some incredible independent businesses, the area once again reflects those who reside there.

It exudes positivity and potential, being celebrated by the likes of Simon Rimmer, who opened his new restaurant, greens, on the site. So, what better place to spread our GOOD Market wings as we enter into a new city.

And to ensure that the place really was all it appeared to be, we went for a visit. And safe to say, we left with full shopping bags and fuller stomachs, enjoying the GOOD vibes that the place has to offer.


Here are a few of our favourite spots:


With some of the best coffee going, Blanchflower certainly have one of the best people-watching spots in the square. Settle down for some delicious pastries, get ready for your stomach to rumble when the smells from the kitchen reach you and enjoy the atmosphere of the space. Put your feet up, take your time and soak in the celebrations at your own speed.



Yes, you read correctly, free books! This incredible charity ensures that all, no matter their income, have access to books of their very own. With each visitor being allowed three books to take away with them. Think a library, but you get to keep the books and call them your own, AND no worrying about late fees. This is a charity, so relies on financial and literary donations. Have books or believe in their cause? Show them some support when you head to the market!



This space is full of colour and energy. As the second location of the lifestyle store, not too far from their Altrincham flagship, it’s proof that supporting small businesses has such a positive impact on the community they create. Be ready to leave with your bag full, just save some space for all of your GOOD Market buys!



Hungry? There’s plenty of choice at Stanley Square’s fabulous Food Hall. Gone are the days of struggling to cater for picky eaters, all leave here with a smile on their face! With their tagline, “convenient, community, collaboration”, you can rest assured that your experience will be enjoyable and relaxing, that you can feel good whilst doing good. (And did we mention that it’s dog friendly?)


And the list could go on…


Excited? Yeah, us too!


So, head over to our upcoming Stanley Square market and be sure to spend some time taking in the area. Meeting the fabulous businesses that call it home and see the power that a lot of love has on an old area.

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