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Megan's 5 Mins with .... Olivia from Homotopia


Ahead of the much-anticipated GOOD Market x Homotopia collaboration, we sat down with Olivia Graham, Homotopia's Marketing and Development Manager. The event, happening Saturday 29th October, 11am-4pm, sees GOOD Market once again take over LUSH Liverpool.

The market is set to fill LUSH's top floor with incredible LGBTQ+ creatives, who will be surrounded by the store's fabulous Halloween products and displays. Specially curated, this event features some of the best LGBTQ+ creatives Merseyside has to offer, including Rosa Illustration, Lo Tierney and Sophie Green

Why did you come to GOOD Market with this collaborative idea?

At Homotopia our aim is always to showcase and platform queer art and queer artists. The art we platform is a wide variety of mediums and takes places in different spaces across the city. One area we wanted to support artists more with was commercial income through selling their work. Partnering with Good Market felt like the perfect opportunity to do that. 

Why is it important to support LGBTQ+ creatives?

Because they are amazing! And unfortunately, they don't always have the same access to spaces and/or funding. In supporting queer people and their work, we're ensuring their contribution to this amazing city. Helping Liverpool to continue to be vibrant, exciting and welcoming. 

What is the Homotopia festival?

Founded in 2004, Homotopia is a Liverpool based arts & social justice organisation making a cultural impact through art and activism. Our aim is to support and platform local, national, and international LGBTQIA socially engaged artists and creatives.

Every October/November we present Homotopia Festival, featuring a variety of LGBTQIA art across multiple venues and outdoor spaces in the city. In addition to our festival, we have a year-round programme of artist development, public artworks, and events.  

Homotopia Festival is the UK's longest running LGBTQIA arts and culture festival. In the years that have followed, Homotopia has achieved significant growth and development and we take pride in being at the forefront of combining creativity and social change for and in collaboration with our ever-expanding community.  

Apart from the market, of course, what are you most looking forward to as a part of this year's Homotopia festival?

Sounds cliche, but it is all so amazing.

Something the things you enjoy most are the ones you aren't expecting. I can say without doubt though I'm looking forward to the launch party at Tate, having not had a launch party for 2 years it will be amazing to get everyone together to start the festival with a bang. 

Other than that, I can't wait for UTOPIAN (t&c's apply), the show is filled with high heel roller-skating, hula hooping, strip-teasing, and queer party madness.

When did you first hear about GOOD Market?

GOOD Market piqued my interest from one of your first markets at The Dovedale Towers, Penny Lane. I've followed you ever since. 

What do you associate with being GOOD?

Just being sound. To both yourself and those around you. 


Find out more about what GOOD Market are doing to support and uplift LGBTQ+ creatives here.

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