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Behind the Brand - Odd Socks Entertainment

Are you tired of watching Spiderman on the big screen but not being able to shake his superhero hand and look him in the eye while he's out there saving the day? 

Ever wondered what Cinderella's like when she's not on camera? 

Do you want to pretend to help your child meet their hero while in actual fact you're just meeting yours?

Well you'll never believe this, but they're all based right here in Liverpool! 

The lovely Sarah from Odd Socks Entertainment has each and every one of our favourites fairytale stars and superheroes on speed dial. More importantly, Sarah is able to get them to come to any event they're needed for.

From birthday parties, pantomimes, fun days, holiday clubs, drama workshops, murder mysteries and character appearances to weddings, christenings and more, Odd Socks Entertainment will make sure your favourite characters are there in the flesh. 

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