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Behind the Brand - Ma Jolie

Tired of sacrificing the environment for your skin!? Or, Good lord no, your skin for the environment!?

*Loud, audible gasp*

How could you even suggest such a thing! Well be tired no more. 

Our Good friend Lizzie, of Ma Jolie fame, is here to put an arm around ol' me, you and Mother Earth and take Good care of us. 

Lizzie is all about really knowing what our bodies need to stay nourished, hydrated and feeling Good while also, well, doing exactly the same thing for the environment. That's right, sustainably sourced soaps and skincare, it doesn't get better than that.

Oh wait but it does.

Ma Jolie is an indie business that has come from making bath bombs and soaps in spare time, and it's not only flourishing but giving back, with a portion of all profits set aside for local charities.

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