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At GOOD Market, we understand the value of purpose driven people and businesses, of supporting your local community and uplifting voices.

But we can all aim to do better, to improve that little bit more every day and benefit others along the way.

And that is where our 1% GOOD initiative comes in.

Worry not, we’re not claiming to be 99% bad, we’re just aiming to be 1% better.

So, with every market we do, we’re going to donate 1% of our market fees to a charity of your choice.

Of course, we’ll still continue to invite charities to have stalls with us, work alongside purpose driven retailers and uplift brands whose values align with our own. We’re simply adding that 1%.

That means, when you support a GOOD Market, you’re not only supporting the traders and venues that take part, but you’re supporting charitable causes also.

And every quarter, when it comes to picking a new charity, we’ll ask you.

So, keep an eye out on our Instagram and have your say.

And in the meantime, why not look at the way you can do 1% GOOD.

our charity this quarter

Liverpool Cares

Liverpool Cares is a new community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city.

Liverpool Cares exists to create community bonds between older people and their younger neighbours

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