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Piece & Quiet


Piece & Quiet was started by two twenty-somethings searching for a way to relax and switch off from a busy life. Lockdown rediscovered their passion for putting together oddly shaped pieces and the importance of taking a moment for yourself. 

They quickly grew tired of the boring traditional designs and ran out of unique and quirky designs that we genuinely liked. Piece & Quiet is an attempt to solve this. Striking and exciting artistic puzzles, promoting mindfulness and a relaxing way to be creative for the puzzler whilst providing a platform to boost the profile of our talented artists.

Piece & Quiet are all about promoting incredible local artists. They give each artists a share of the sale and aim to use puzzles to promote their amazing work.

Beyond the art, they're big believers in the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing. We found puzzles were a great way to switch off and relax from a busy life and want to help people discover new ways to help them take some time for themselves.

Orders will be fulfilled in 3-4 business days, UK delivery is Free
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