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Knotty Potty

Knotty Potty was born from a love of plants and not enough pots to hold them. I have a background in design and textiles so initially designed and made fabric plant pot covers. As the plant collection (obsession) grew and the space to accommodate them became less, I thought about a way to (literally) elevate them.

I taught myself a few basic knots. It was then the passion for macrame was ignited and Knotty Potty grew. Macrame provides a real tranquility and I find the process very mindful. It’s pretty addictive but in a good way. I use good recycled rope and yarn and make sure that everything I make is done to the high quality.

The macrame plant hangers come in a range of colours, sizes and beads. Choose from traditional styles, boho vibes, or a contemporary range including monochrome macrame, full colour pop or seasonal autumn and Christmas ranges.

Choose from standard size, double hanger and add some colourful beads if that takes your fancy.

All are boxed in recyclable materials, presented perfect for a Christmas gift.

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