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Yoga Bumps & Babies

Yoga Bumps & Babies

For the final session of the week, we will be delivering a Mindfulness & Breathing session hosted by the amazing Jenni Jones from Yoga Bumps & Babies. 

Jenni Jones has taught yoga since 2000. The birth of her son in 2004 inspired Jenni to specialise in pregnancy yoga and then going on to train as a doula/birth assistant. 

"As time rolls on I experience more and more the importance of women helping women. The connections we build in our years of having our babies can span a lifetime. Having women to journey alongside as our babies grow can be a real support. Women have a tremendous inner strength and a huge resource of energy which is what helps us, in many cases, to spin so many plates in this modern age. I hope that in my classes, women are welcomed and supported and celebrated to be simply themselves. The only thing I ask is that we gather with open hearts and minds and a willingness to let go and take space to be just that...true to ourselves."

Join us at 9:30am on Friday 15 January for a mindfulness and breathing session to have you feeling calm and ready for a great weekend! Looking for the full week's schedule? Just click here to see all our amazing sessions on offer!

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