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Self-care in lockdown

Self-care in lockdown

2020 was a tough year for us all and it looks like the start of 2021 is going to be no different. No need to despair though, there is still plenty of time for 2021 to become a great year! One thing we noticed during lockdown’s 1 & 2 was that people’s mental and physical health really came to the fore. Not that it wasn’t important before, but everyone really started to see the effects on their health being stuck inside all day, with plenty of their typical contact with humans having disappeared completely.

It is a time vital, now more than ever, to maintain good mental and physical health. Not just for ourselves, but our family, friends and neighbours. Our communities have come together splendidly, checking in on others, helping the vulnerable where possible, hosting events (both virtual and socially-distanced) to ensure that everyone was looked after.

There are many simple things that each of us could be doing to maintain a sense of wellbeing and direction. As it is our very first Wellness Week, we have decided to take note of a number of quick & easy methods to ensure that you are looking after yourself and keeping your head up!

Self-care starts with self-awareness

So much of our time is spent chasing deadlines and pushing to complete ‘to-do’ lists. Sometimes, we just need to take a few minutes and re-calibrate. Our suggestion is to take some time each day, find a place where you can rest both your mind and body. 

As much as we all love to, this doesn’t include scrolling social media, watching tv or snacking! Of course, these are all perfectly fine things to do, just in moderation! 

Maybe try it Matthew McConaughey style! The American actor takes 10 minutes first thing every morning - no phone, no tv, no laptop, no work, no people - to just spend some time alone with himself and his thoughts. This can include everything from letting the mind wander, reminding himself what he’s grateful for or telling himself not to take himself too seriously. All important things we should be doing!

Take note of the little things

Struggling to get through the day? Don’t think you’re doing enough? 

Lockdown is an alien situation to us (well, we’re onto level 3 now so maybe not:)) but just doing the basics is an achievement during this strange time, so make sure you take note of all you’re doing. 

Getting up, showering, changing, making the bed - all seemingly small things that we take for granted, but all constitute us looking after ourselves, and don’t forget that! Make a note of them (literally...write them down) and pretty soon, you’ll see all those small things add up to a massive list!

Appreciate yourself

This one’s a personal favourite of mine. We often take the things we do and achieve for granted (not the first or last time I’ll be saying that!). While you’ve got your pen out - taking note of the little things - try writing a list of all the good things in your life, and more specifically, the good things you have done in the past week or two.

Focus on the small things as they are the ones we often take the most for granted. This is a great way of showing yourself just how many good things you are doing each and every day.

Get Active!

It has been shown time and again how effective exercise, staying fit & being active are on the body. Whatever form it takes; walking, running, lifting weights or yoga, they all have exceptionally positive effects on the body. 

We are currently hosting Good Liverpool’s very first Wellness Week. Entirely focused on getting Liverpool moving and celebrating local health & wellness businesses, join us as we get active together!

Take a look at your diet

Your body needs looking after, it’s important to make sure you’re eating a balanced diet. That doesn't mean get rid of the takeaways either, I would have a tough job making it through the week without Saturday night takeaway to look forward to! We all deserve some treats given the year we’ve had, so make sure you’re getting your pizzas, your burgers, even your kebabs!

Take a look later this week as we show some fantastic, simple, recipes to get you eating healthy this lockdown!

Breathing exercises

Don’t take breathing for granted! (There it is again:)) It can be brilliant for helping you stay calm and think straight. Be sure to join us at 9:30am this Friday as Jenni Jones hosts an in-depth mindfulness/breathing session.

Turn the music up!

Who doesn’t love a bit of a jam!? Some bouncing music and a bit of a boogie, that’s a lot of people’s happy place! 

It can also be fantastic for your mental health, relieving stress while relaxing the body. Turn some tunes on, relax into the beat and improve your mood with music!

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