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Matriarch - A Collaboration with Conscience

Matriarch - A Collaboration with Conscience

Good Liverpool retailer Reins Clothing has teamed up with local blogger - My Brother Sarah - and RASA Merseyside to create a limited edition line of beautiful, female-led, conscious clothing. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to RASA Merseyside to help with the fight against sexual abuse, harassment and violence.

The collection is only available for pre-order for 14 days between the 1st and the 15th of July. Shop the collection here.


Reins Clothing, best known for their instantly identifiable sea creature rain coats and signature camo print leggings made from recycled plastic bottles. And My Brother Sarah, a blogger always on a mission, have collaborated to bring you an exciting, female-led collection, that’s both fun and thoughtful.

In-keeping with Reins ongoing ‘under the sea’ theme, the collaboration focuses on the majestic Orca, a female led species and the matriarch of the sea.

Orca’s are social mammals that live with their families (pods) just like we do. In the pod, each whale shares its talents with others to serve the greater good. They support their family members to make sure each individual is fed and cared for. Showing incredible resilience and under constant threat, Orca’s are just doing their best to stay alive. And we’re all relating hard to that! They’re just getting on with things, as strong women do!

We’ve lovingly embroidered ‘matriarch’ in Reins signature camo design across the breast of organic cotton T-shirt’s, and screen printed a full chest version on a statement pink hoody. We’ve created Orla the Orca for our breast print design and our absolute favourite part… we’ve produced epic Orca socks!! In Reins’ signature camo print, that will look incredible with your trainers, sandals and slides. The entire collection is available in both children and adult sizes, so you can match!

20% of proceed will be donated to RASA Merseyside. An organisation offering support for any person who has been sexually abused, raped, or affected by sexual violence at any time in their life. Providing crucial specialist support, independent advocacy, counselling, hypnotherapy, general help and information for victims to access whenever they’re ready. RASA is a vital recourse for our local community.

Lorraine Woods, Operations Manager at RASA Merseyside said: “This collection will help RASA Merseyside raise awareness to further support the men, women and children in the region who have been impacted by sexual violence at some point in their lives. Our work in Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral has never been more needed, we have seen an increase in referrals since the first lockdown as well as since bars and pubs in the city have started to open up. By supporting Reins Clothing and My Brother Sarah, you will be helping to make a real difference and ensure those in need get the support they deserve.”

The collection will be available on a pre-order basis for 14 days only, from 1st July before going to print on 15th July. So be prepared and do not delay! Or you might miss your chance to get your hands on a piece.

All orders will be able for collection at an exciting event at Sub Rosa Kings Dock 27th July @ 6:30pm, exclusively for our customers, where we’ll have female DJ and be serving drinks from female owned brands.

We’re super excited about this collection! We’ve poured our hearts and souls into producing something that authentically represents both of us, with emphasis on raising awareness of the work RASA are doing and to help to fund them. So that you know where to turn if you need to and that they have the resources to help you.

We hope you can get behind us but if you can’t buy, please show your support with those important likes, comments and shares. They mean the world!

Love from two mums just trying their best.

Rhi and Sando x

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