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More than just a Scent

Candles have this incredible ability to bring us back to a special place and time, a moment long gone that can be brought rushing back with the whiff of a certain scent. I have always loved this about candles and why, in the run up to my wedding, I sat down and tried to create a scent that would forever hold memories of that beautiful day.

I started Candle Collective UK out of that moment, building an affordable, luxury home fragrance business that is not just about developing beautiful, vegan-friendly scents but also a platform to help my community and give back to others.

Funnily enough, the scent created for my wedding day, Rhubarb and Custard, is still available today as part of the classic collection and is still my favourite scent. Being involved in the community, giving back and being environmentally responsible has always been a crucial part of Candle Collective UK’s mission. I want my business to be about more than just the bottom line, helping those around me as well which is why we have set up partnerships where we can.

Candles can bring old memories flooding back with just a whiff.

After sadly losing their baby daughter, Elsie, in 2018, parents Lindsey & Chris founded Elsie’s Moon, a beautiful charity based in the Wirral. They spend their time working with and helping parents when pregnancy doesn’t follow the plan. They are there in times of need, supporting families through the difficult times by offering different avenues of help including counselling, yoga, mindfulness sessions and more.

I got involved with Elsie’s Moon in 2019. A great charity doing amazing things, I donated 50% of all profits during baby loss awareness week in 2019 to their great cause. Since 2020, I have been working in partnership with the charity, providing tea light remembrance candles that go in the comfort packs that are given to parents throughout the Merseyside area.

Boss Birches and Elsie's Moon are just two of many local charities doing amazing work. At the end of the day, it's about business that gives back.

More recently, I have teamed up with local charity Boss Birches. A charity that focuses on planting trees in the Merseyside area, Boss Birches is looking to save and cultivate natural ecosystems, fight the climate battle and provide educational lessons to businesses and kids alike on how to be more environmentally conscious. 

Between July and the end of September, I will be donating 50p from every order to help plant trees in the Merseyside area. By doing so, we hope to help the environment, provide a fun activity that educates and build a stronger community.


If you would like to check out some of Candle Collective UK’s beautifully scented products, take a look here.

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