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International Women's Day with Nat & Georgie from Wild Mama

International Women's Day with Nat & Georgie from Wild Mama

It's International Women's Day and we have been speaking to some of our brilliant female-led businesses on the Good Liverpool platform. One of these amazing indy's is Wild Mama. Created by Nat & Georgie, their natural, sustainable skincare products are making waves in the Merseyside area! We sat down with both Nat & Georgie to hear what each of them had to say on this special day.


We love showing our customers the faces behind the businesses, tell us more about yourself

Georgie - “Having worked as a hairdresser for many years, I was always on the lookout for something new and creative. I’ve always enjoyed making things in the kitchen having spent a lot of time with my gran and great aunt making crafts when I was younger. From this I continued to make and create homemade gifts for friends and family…my happy place.”
Nat - “With a background in health and music, I would always be that person on tour handing out spirulina shots or drops of essential oils backstage in the dressing room. Over the years I’ve sadly lost a number of family members from various chronic illnesses, so I’ve always been very mindful of looking after myself through food and exercise, which later grew into experimenting with homemade skincare.”


Tell us about your business

With backgrounds in health and beauty, Wild Mama was born from the love of making homemade beauty products for ourselves, friends and family and from this Wild Mama blossomed into something that could be shared with everyone.

Did you always think that one day you would be running your own business?

We were already running our own businesses before Wild Mama was born, but it wasn’t until we went on a soap making course together that we realised that we could actually create something from this experience. As soon as we’d finished the course we knew that we would start a natural skincare venture together. 

If any, what challenges have you experienced as a woman in business?

Since launching Wild Mama we have been extremely lucky with the ongoing support around us. From friends, family, new customers, local suppliers and online platforms. Naturally our brand attracts a lot of women, however we get a lot of positive feedback from men who particularly love our deodorant bars. 

What advice would you give to other women starting out in business? 

Do your research and start a business from something you’re passionate about and if you’ve been wanting to start a new venture for a while, just go for it. Times are tough right now but stay positive…go with your gut. No regrets. 

Where do you see your business going next? 

We’re really looking forward to connecting and collaborating with other small businesses as it’s such a lovely community. Times are strange right now but we’re always brainstorming new ideas for future products and still have some new fragrances to share. 

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