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Hope Street Espresso Blend

250g bagBlend - Brazil/GuatemalaProcesses - Pulped Natural/WashedTasting notes - Salted Caramel, ...

250g bag

Blend - Brazil/Guatemala

Processes - Pulped Natural/Washed

Tasting notes - Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Blueberry

Recommended Brew - Espresso

Where to start with Hope Street Espresso. Well, Hope Street would probably be the best place! That’s where we started with our original 2.5kg roaster, Molly. We blended, and cupped, and sampled, then re-blended and re-cupped and re-sampled until we had something that we thought was great, and then Molly went to work. Molly’s work proved successful, so she needed some help, and a bit more space. That was when we found Milly, our 6.5kg roaster who we installed in our new roastery at the Baltic Triangle. 


Hope Street Espresso looks forward to the new generation of espresso. The cup is full of tropical fruits, dark berries and citrus notes, underpinned by a rich chocolate and caramel foundation. Bright and lively on its own, moreish with milk.

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