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Doing Good

We're all about Good, good people, good products, good city. From all that good, comes a lot of great things. We would not be here without the community around us. A big part of our purpose as a business is to support and build both our city's people and independents. We have now setup a Good Liverpool Academy.
This Academy is designed to train any underprivileged people in our city, giving them experience and opening the doors to industries that they may never have considered or even known of. 
We will work with our partner businesses, hosting workshops/masterclasses/apprenticeships to train our fellow Liverpudlians. The ultimate aim of our Academy is to help the people of our city while helping Liverpool's independents flourish with new talent.
The First Academy:
We will soon be hosting the very first Good Liverpool Academy. Dom and the rest of the amazing team at Carnival Brewing are opening their doors to host a craft brewing workshop where disadvantaged locals will be able to discover and learn the are of brewing while hopefully opening doors to the industry. 
Alongside this amazing workshop, 10p from every can will be donated to St Andrew's Community Network, helping giving good meals to people in need.
If you have been made redundant due to the pandemic and feel like this is an opportunity that you would benefit from - please email us at telling us your story! It will be entirely confidential and will not be released.
Coming Up!
Here at Good Liverpool, we have quietly been working with the GOOD folks over at Neighbourhood to create our very own brand of coffee. Good Coffee is not only here to take the city by storm but to also bring through more amazing coffee roasters and barista's. Neighbourhood have very kindly agreed to host a coffee masterclass where locals will be able to learn the brilliant world of coffee and how to create the perfect roast, now that's good isn't it!
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