Add Your Business

Are you a business looking to list gift vouchers and products on Good Liverpool? Getting started is easy, simply give us an email at to kick things off and we'll take it from there. Find out more about how it works below...

1. Get in touch

First things first, say hello. Give us an email at and leave some basic information about your company. One of the team will get back as soon as possible.

2. Sign up

We'll provide you with a sign up link where you can quickly set up your store. From here we'll add your gift vouchers, and then you can begin to your own products.

3. Start Selling!

Once everything's in place, we'll add your business to the main retailers page so people can start buying your products. You'll have a unique link which you can share over social.

How do fees work?

Good Liverpool takes a small fee on orders, just to contribute to the running and maintenance of the online store. If you'd like to learn more about the fees, please email